Alfa App Alfalah bank has launched a new app for android phones. You can make your Alfa bank account by signing up on its Alfa app. It has many features for its customers. You can manage your bank account through its app. You can also do online shopping with your account on the Alfa mall store. You can also transfer your money to other accounts. 
In this modern age, every bank is going to lunch its app so users can easily manage their money and transaction. They can easily do online shopping and pay bills from home. Recently HBL has also launched its app for android. It has also many features. Some banks are giving different types of offers for users. They are giving a bonus of Rs.50 to Rs.1000/.

Alfa App | Alfa Promo Codes | ALFA Earning App
Alfa App | Alfa Promo Codes | ALFA Earning App

Alfa App Features

All features of the Alfa app have been described below in detail.

1.Online shopping
2.TopUp loads
3.Pay Bills (Electricity Gas and Mobile phones etc).
4. Transfer Money to your Friends and Families.
5. International Transaction
6. Earning Reward by inviting.
7. and much more