Sad Urdu Poetry app named " Live Poetry Box" is an awesome android app for Pakistani and Indian. This is a very fast and entertainment app. There are many people who love to spend some romantic and beautiful eyes catching SMS to their relatives and friends to impress them. Some people love to send jokes for making another laugh. You belong to any category. You have a lots of categories in this app. You can choose according to your desire.

Sad Urdu Poetry App | Live Poetry Box |
poetry app

But before going we should mention what functions this app has. That really good before downloading it.

Urdu Poetry app functions:

  • daily update
  • Free Copy to clipboard
  • Share on social media
  • Punjabi Poetry App
  • Hindi Poetry App
  • Urdu Poetry app
  • English Jokes
  • English Poetry
  • Urdu Stories
  • English Stories
  • Punjabi Tapy
  • SMS Poetry app
  • PPSC Past paper app
  • GK app
  • Solved PPSC paper
  • NTS 
  • Computer Mcqs