10 business ideas with bicycles for beginners

It is ecological, it helps maintain shape, it is cheap ... the bicycle is experiencing a new golden age in many cities in western countries, especially in Europe. Hence, a large number of business ideas emerge, some very original and others much more classical, to take economic advantage of this reality. Let's see 10 ideas. Maybe some of the other posts will ring a bell but most of them are mentioned for the first time.

10 business ideas with bicycles for beginners
10 business ideas with bicycles for beginners

Manufacture ecological bikes

It is a market niche that a few companies have taken advantage of manufacturing bicycles with a wooden frame. Not all the bike can be recyclable due to the mechanical requirement, but at the same time, most of it is. It involves using a lot less metal with all the preparation processes involved. Here is an example among many:

Bicycles for overweight people

Most bikes are designed to hold up to 100 kilograms in weight, but with the high proportion of people with obesity and being overweight, this resistance is sometimes insufficient. So there is another niche market, with models that hold much more weight. Cycling can be a very positive weight loss exercise for many overweight people, as there is less impact on the joints than other activities like running.

A sonar to catch motorists who do not respect the safety distance

It is an American invention. Until now, it was very difficult for the police to be able to find those drivers who did not respect the minimum distance when passing a cyclist. In Spain, the regulations require leaving a space of 1.5 meters. With this invention, a sonar that measures the distance when the car overtakes a policeman's bicycle can easily identify drivers and provide truthful information about the violation. In the medium term, this tool could help improve riding habits with respect to bicycles.

A quick workshop

If you have a bike, you probably know how to deal with basic things like changing the tube of the tire or even adjusting the brakes. For many other people, this can cost them, and there are other mechanical incidents that require more knowledge anyway. The problem is that it is not too interesting to go to a distant workshop, leave your bike for several days and return, because you lose your means of transport for too long. So it can be interesting to create small quick workshops that repair at the moment.

Bicycle rental

It is perhaps one of the best-known businesses around this form of transportation. Today, large cities often have a public system, but it has several problems. The first is that bikes tend to be heavier and less practical than regular bikes. Another problem is that these systems are designed to rent bikes for short periods (half an hour) and do not allow trips. Also, in some cities, there are no plans to rent a bike for just one day. Therefore, a good business idea is to rent good quality bicycles to people who need them for one or more days. They are usually going to be tourists.

Bicycle painting service
Bicycles are usually sold in very standard and neutral colors, to maximize sales possibilities. Then the user can paint the frame if he wants, but often the result does not look very good. For that, it could be interesting to think of a business specialized in painting bicycles in a professional way, to give the customer a bike with the colors they want, and that is a unique product.

Helmet rental
Although finally, the traffic law does not oblige adult cyclists to wear helmets when they travel around the city, the possibility of renting helmets is interesting, especially as accessories for those who are going to rent a bike to take rides outside the city or those who are concerned about their safety. It could be a more rented product from the same company that rents bicycles, or it could be a separate service.

Make walk routes
The theme of tourism can be exploited in many ways. One of them is to design routes for cyclists, with different levels and different approaches. One route could be the visit of the emblematic sites of a city, another a pleasant walk in the countryside, another a greater effort with some mountain, at home if different public adapted routes would be. A small amount per person could be charged to guide and show unknown places even to people who already live in the area.

Tires without inner tubes
I could not forget in this list of business ideas the possibility of marketing these tires without inner tubes, which for the moment are still a bit expensive, but which could become more democratized as they become popular. They have a great advantage that they can never be punctured, which significantly improves the experience of any bike ride.

Messenger Service
Another interesting approach is to use a bicycle network to make courier deliveries, betting on the environmental concern of customers. It is clear that the main competition would be electric motorcycles and scooters, but even electrical production involves more pollution than human impulse.


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