3 business ideas to launch in 2020

Today we are going to share more 3 new business ideas with you which can make you financially very strong. You can make unlimited money by adopting this business. 

3 business ideas to launch in 2020

Do you want to start out a replacement business or complete an existing offer? Here are 3 ideas that are being talked about abroad, commented on by a panel of Swiss experts.

 3 business ideas to launch in 2020

"Nothing is lost, nothing is made, everything is transformed," said French chemist Lavoisier. A formula that can also be applied to the world of entrepreneurship. Using the model of a company existing abroad makes it possible to have certain essential data before launching yourself: competition, customers or even fair prices for the products or services offered.

United States, France, Germany, South Korea or Japan: our selection of original examples comes from all over the world. However, it must then succeed in adapting the concept to the specifics of the local market. We can thus imagine joining forces with a foreign company to develop its model in Swiss soil. Last year, more than 40,000 companies were created in Switzerland, a new record! Maybe this year will be your turn? Starting signal!

1. Arcade room in virtual reality

Exploiting the craze around virtual reality games is the principle of the Hong Kong-based Playdium VR brand. The place offers game studios that can be privatized to accommodate up to ten people at the same time. More than thirty virtual reality games are available there today, a number expected to increase. Created in 2016, it is the first structure of this type in the country.
Remy Assir: “There is no doubt that virtual reality games are growing and bringing about a real revolution in the video game market. The problem today is the cost of high quality equipment, which is high for the average person. In the future, I think we will see improved and cheaper devices that will allow users to play and interact with each other from home, without having to go to an arcade. ”

2. Yoga for the tough

Yoga relaxes, muscles, relaxes ... and can now be practiced only between men. To spread the benefits of yoga to men, Robert Sidoti invented the concept called Broga (contraction of brother and yoga). Its solution is to offer men "real tools to cope with stress and the demands of everyday life" through a fitness program based on yoga, but taught "from the point of view of man" . Founded in the United States, the company claimed in 2016 some 12,000 customers and 500 teachers around the world thanks to free online videos.
Sandy Wetzel: “In my opinion, it is above all a concept of communication which makes it possible to interest a new target audience other than women in yoga. This industry adopts a young and modern positioning targeting dynamic, cosmopolitan and urban men. This yoga could find its audience in the Lake Geneva region. ”

3. A connected watch for the visually impaired

A Korean company has developed a watch with Braille characters. © DR
More than 200 million people worldwide are visually impaired, 36 million of whom are blind, according to the latest WHO figures. The Korean start-up DOT Inc. has developed a connected watch whose screen displays characters in Braille. To do this, 36 "pins" are activated via a magnet system. This raised display allows you to receive calls, view messages, notifications and emails. If desired, the user can also display the time in Arabic numerals. The watch also allows learning braille for people who, for the moment, have a slight visual impairment. The sentences are displayed simultaneously in their original form on the phone and in Braille on the watch. The price or rates of the watch is set at 400 francs.
Sandy Wetzel: “It's a totally innovative product! It has the merit of opening the Internet of Things and wearables to the world of the visually impaired. Especially since it is emerging in a market where, to my knowledge, innovations are still limited. The technology seems to work. However, I have doubts about its ability to display a whole message on a screen of 36 "pins" or to provide a real Braille learning program. "

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