4 New business ideas which can make you very rich

In this article, we are sharing 4 latest and new business plans which can make you very Richman or rich women. We have already shared many ideas related to starting a new business. In this modern world, everyone is wanting to earn money. Everyone is running in this race. There are many types of business. Please read the following new business ideas.

4 New business ideas which can make you very rich
4 New business ideas which can make you very rich

1.Unlimited concerts and evenings

Guestme presents itself because of the "Netflix of live music" © istockphoto
Developed by two young French entrepreneurs, Guestme presents itself because of the "Netflix of live music". The start-up offers two monthly subscription packages (33 euros for one person and 60 euros for a duo), which give access to concerts and hand-picked parties in Paris. About fifty offers are made to subscribers monthly, three days before the event in question. The sesame also gives the chance to access announced full concerts or certain private parties.

Remy Assir: “This may be a fine example of a disruptive business model. Guestme offers three sorts of customer value. Subscribers get good value for money, paying a modest monthly fee for access to a spread of various concerts. the worth of the experience is additionally provided because customers enjoy a choice of concerts to attend, available during a single device, thus avoiding the effort of finding and reserving seats whenever. Finally, there's value within the platform itself: by building a huge network of consumers, Guest creates competitive pressure for concerts to sell their places on its platform. ”

2. Investing in trees

Reconciling sustainable development and profitability: this virtuous credo is that of EcoTree. to place it into practice, this French start-up buys or plants forests and maintains them at its expense. it's remunerated by offering an atypical investment to its customers: becoming the owner of 1 or more trees which can increase in value as they grow. The investor recovers his stake on the sale of the wood when the trees are cut. Since 2016, this company has raised quite 1 million euros and planted 56,300 trees in Brittany. A forest that absorbed the equivalent of the CO2 emissions of two,840 Paris-New York flights.

Eric Plan: “In Switzerland, the exploitation of forests remains expensive and therefore the available land scarce. Unlike the French model, the return on investment here would be low and long. On the opposite hand, this concept translates well into an approach of corporate social responsibility (CSR). A start-up could offer to “renaturate” or strengthen the biodiversity of spaces by using funds from companies wishing to realize their CSR objectives. ”

3. High-end portable toilets

Do you dream of getting married within the New England meadows? For this unique day, which you imagine perfect from every point of view, don't neglect the health aspect. the corporate ElizaJ, based in Massachusetts, offers a rental service for high-end mobile toilets, the foremost complete models of which, fitted call at small caravans, include cloth towels, bouquets of fragrant flowers and baskets for cosmetic products. This hotel-like service will relieve guests who are anxious about raising their taffeta dress outdoors. Eliza J. Kendall's company offers its services to non-public clients also as event organization agencies and caterers.

Pascal Bourgier: “Despite a robust receptivity to the concept of comfort in Switzerland, we spend less time within the outdoors community than the Americans, for instance, followers of the sacrosanct weekly barbecue. to the present limit is added the tiny size of the market. I could imagine a world version for this service but, during this case, the expensive Swiss-made would constitute another barrier. ”

4. Burgers véganes gourmets

Fast food for vegetarians and vegans. © DR
Fast food for vegetarians and vegans? this is often the bet of this ny restaurant, which has been serving for a few years the good classics of this sort of food in vegetable version. Superiority Burger applies to concoct variations round the burger, wraps or pizza. The burger beef steak is thus swapped for a mix of quinoa, carrots, nuts, and spices, while the chicken fillet of the wrap gives thanks to a slice of tofu.

David Davinroy: “The idea of a vegetarian restaurant offering classic nutriment dishes seems to satisfy real demand. More and more people in Switzerland are adjusting their eating habits and are interested in vegetarian cuisine. However, the vegetarian offer remains relatively light. The advantage of such an institution is, in my view, the very fact that it could also attract the eye of individuals who don't follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. ”

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