5 business ideas to launch in 2020

We are going to share some new 5 business ideas with you. I hope they will help you to start with one business. You can do if you have a mission in your mind.
Franchising is a great reservoir of ideas for innovative companies, which can be reproduced on a small or large scale in a given territory, once the model is well established. The dozens of new stands dotting the Franchise Expo Paris fair each year prove this, as does the Observatory, which receives requests for the creation of new brands almost every day. Here is a selection of the most promising business ideas, some of them already being developed in the franchise while others are still at the prototype stage.

5 business ideas to launch in 2020
5 business ideas to launch in 2020

Business idea N ° 1. Get into stationery and supplies

There are multiple brands in the stationery niche, but the one with the fastest deployment is undoubtedly Bureau Vallée . In some 25 years, the brand has opened more than 300 stores not only in France but also throughout Europe and even in Africa. With 7,000 catalog references and a multitude of innovative services, Bureau Vallée is looking for franchisees with merchant profiles in order to expand its network.

Business idea N ° 2. Open a kitchen restaurant to share

Conviviality is at the heart of the concept that we offer here. The Alsatian has dedicated to Strasbourg gastronomy, in particular the flammkuchen, which the customer orders, then picks up at the counter as soon as they come out of the oven, warned by a beep connected to the kitchen. Enough to spend a good evening in a friendly atmosphere.

Business idea N ° 3. Self-service beer…

At Au Fût et à Mesure, we provide individual self-service beer dispensers, which customers activate after obtaining an RFID card. There are already around thirty addresses under the banner in France and development continues.

Business idea N ° 4. Food truck madness

It has been ten years since the first food truck, the Camion qui Fume, arrived in France, with its head an entrepreneur from the United States. Today, in addition to being in the form of a permanent restaurant for the Smoking Truck, the concept of “Dining Truck” has made a splash and is found everywhere in large cities in an office environment, or at the reservation to animate evenings. All the specialties are represented and no longer just the burger as it was at the beginning: Tooq Tooq and Thaï la Route are aimed at lovers of Thai cuisine, Al Dulce for those who appreciate Venezuelan flavors, without forgetting Karr Lichou and his homemade pancakes (or rather truck…) or Moule Walker, which offers to take its mussels and fries wherever you want…

Business idea N ° 5. Start your own sport business

Now let's do some exercise by looking at the various concepts related to the sport that are deployed in the franchise.
Again, the field is particularly popular since it is estimated that the practice of collective or individual sport is growing by 15% per year in France. You can therefore without fear put yourself on your own account by opting for example for Action Sport (and its express program in 20 minutes), Bodyhit (electro-stimulation) or the most classic but just as effective Fitness Park.
Newer brand but with great ambitions, On-Air Fitness opens in priority in the suburbs on areas around 800 m², while Champion Spirit puts on premium locations in Paris (Foch, Beaupassage and soon in La Défense) to offer its members an exclusive experience, surrounded by the best coaches in an environment welcoming high-end equipment, with yoga, karate, climbing or boxing on the program…

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