5 techniques to make money with a blog or website

Today, I m going to tell you how you can make money with your blog or website. There are many ways of online earning from your blogs. We have discussed all thing in this article.
Since the internet has existed, there have always been blogs. In the same way that I launched Joptimisemonsite 5 years ago, these websites are generally created by enthusiasts who share their passion and knowledge on a theme that allows them to exchange with other enthusiasts.
make money with a blog or website
make money with a blog or website

However, with the expansion of the internet, a new category of bloggers has emerged: professional bloggers. These bloggers are internet users who get started with the sole objective of making money. Indeed, the solutions for the monetization of a blog are now legion and it is possible to make a full salary (see more) through a simple blog.
Some bloggers, as is my case, first created a blog out of passion before using it, following its success, as a showcase for offering products or other services. The income directly generated by the blog (via the solutions that I will discuss below) is then only the icing on the cake, a complement to this consultant income.
Be careful however, the number of bloggers who manage to make a living from a blog is low compared to the hundreds (of thousands) who start each year. But, I wanted today to be interested in how to make money with a blog. In the end, what are the best solutions to monetize a blog?

The 5 best techniques to earn money with your blog

Before I deliver the 5 best solutions to make money with a blog , I want to share with you my blogging experience: you can never (or very rarely) live only through one or the other these monetization solutions.
To make a living from your blog, you will need to combine these different levers and thus earn a few hundred euros with this or that solution. It is the sum of all these solutions that will allow you to earn enough money to be able to pay yourself a salary. So think about diversifying these sources of income.
There are then two main solutions of remuneration for the blogger with regard to the display:
CPM cost per thousand impressions: a fixed amount that is paid to the blogger each time an advertising banner has been displayed 1000 times. Many advertising agencies offer 100% paid CPM devices.

CPC, cost per click: the variable amount that is paid by an advertising solution each time a user clicks on an advertising banner displayed on the blog

I'm not going to lie to you, to make money with a blog and make a living from the display, you will have to make several hundreds of thousands of visits per month.
To give you an example, my blog brings me a little less than 300 € per month thanks to the different advertisements that I post on it. However, I almost made 100,000 page views on it last month. Well, this figure has to be put into perspective because the Internet users who read this blog are generally quite aware and hardly watch ads anymore (when they don't have an ad blocker), but still. You will need a large number of visits to manage to live solely on display advertisements.

The sale of leads

Selling qualified contacts is an attractive source of income for a blogger looking to make money.

How does lead sales work?

The principle is simple, the blogger puts forward an advertisement encouraging internet users to enter their contact details to obtain information on a specific subject. This can be a simple newsletter or a complete form. As soon as a company is interested in contacts, it can buy the contact details of the internet user and contact him again to offer his products.

The limits of lead sales

This monetization solution is not the easiest to implement because it is necessary to find companies that are interested in buying qualified contacts. This, therefore, requires upstream reflection and an intensive search for partners who would be ready to buy leads from you.


The operation of the affiliation is very simple but can be a real source of income if the audience of the blog is very qualified.
It is, for example, this solution which brings me the most income on Joptimisemonsite: when I test a solution or a product and I make an article of it, I always put a link towards the site in question. As soon as a user registers or purchases the product in question, I thus receive a commission.

How does affiliation work?

The blogger promotes products sold on online sales sites. When a user clicks on the link of a commercial site promoted in one of the articles and purchases the product, the e-commerce site pays him a commission on the turnover generated.

Example of an affiliate program

For example, a blogger specializing in DIY has every interest in signing up for the affiliate program of ManoMano, a marketplace specializing in the sale of products dedicated to DIY and gardening.
By registering on the platform of this marketplace ( ManoMano Network ), he will receive up to 10% of turnover which is generated by the tracked links which he will highlight in his articles. And when you know that the average basket of a purchase on this site is more than a hundred euros, the number of commissions can quickly increase.

Sale of content

Selling content is another source for making money with a blog. It involves getting paid by a company to talk about it.

How does selling content work?

You have a blog and therefore an audience. There are companies that may be interested in talking about their solution or product to this audience. She usually contacts the blogger directly to offer to publish an article in exchange for remuneration.
When a blog is little known, companies can give gifts (very fashionable among bloggers specializing in aesthetics or fashion). Then, when the blog grows, gifts are generally replaced by gift vouchers or cash payments.

My advice if you want to sell items

However, to avoid that the article does not appear to advertising and that my blog ends up tiring its readers, I make it a point of honor that the article is relevant to the reader and that it emerges from the article having learned things.
Because that's what a blog reader is looking for: get informed! And he will be much more likely to accept advertising if the article has enabled him to satisfy his need for information.
Avoid articles such as "Company X launches a new service" or "Press release: ...". They are often neglected by Internet users and you will flinch your audience.

The limit of content sales

This solution can be very profitable but has a major problem: it remains punctual.
Indeed, it is usually the companies that contact the blogger. He, therefore, has very little leeway to secure a regular income.

The online store

It is the last solution to earn money with a blog but often one of the most effective: create an online store associated with this blog.
Indeed, when a thematic blog receives many highly qualified visits every day, adding an e-commerce site to the blog is generally an interesting alternative. As the population of visitors is an affinity with the subject of the blog, there is a strong probability that they will be tempted by-products of this theme.
For example, a blog on horseback riding would be well advised to open an online store selling products dedicated to riders who regularly visit the blog. To avoid managing stocks, a good solution is to open a dropshipping site, a site creation solution that is very popular today because it allows you to get into e-commerce without having to invest in the expensive purchase of a stock. of products.

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