6 new Business ideas which can make you millionare

In this article, we have shared 6 most new business ideas which can make you a very rich person. There are many new business ideas in this century. You can make money online by adopting any new trending business. Here are some latest business ideas.

6 new Business ideas which can make you millionare
6 new Business ideas which can make you millionare

1. Rabbit cafes

After the cat bars, here is that the variant with rabbits! From Tokyo to Hong Kong , Bunny Caf├ęs are successful. consistent with the formulas, it's possible to cuddle them, play with them, feed them or take pictures with them. However, some establishments have involved an inventory of rules on entry. Thus, it's forbidden to tug the ears of animals. But this trend doesn't stop at rabbits or cats. Indeed, Japan has also seen the opening of an owl bar and a reptile cafe.

Frank Gerritzen: “Japan provides animals to pet publicly establishments because people don't want four-legged friends reception. this is often not the case in Switzerland. The announcement effect having passed, I doubt considerably the keenness that this type of initiative will arouse… without forgetting the reluctance of consumers to enter establishments that smell of animals. ”

2. Cosmetics supported processed fruit waste

The English start-up Frau has created a variety of lip balms composed of fruit extracts. © DR
Riding on the wave of sustainable cosmetics, English start-up Frau has created a variety of lip balms composed of ingredients extracted from 15 sorts of fruit. Most are created from processed fruit waste. This method "generates additional vital income for little fruit producers". Made in workshops in England, the products are certified by the animal defense NGO PETA and guaranteed without animal protein. Among the flavors on offer are avocado, pomegranate, coconut and mango. a part of the profits from the sale of the tubes, between 4 and 6 francs, is donated to WWF so as to preserve the environment.

Sandy Wetzel: “This product is clearly a part of an ecological trend and there's growing demand during this niche. The brand will, therefore, find its audience. Its great strength lies in promoting the circular economy by using processed fruit waste and making its products as and when ordered. we'd like more companies with this approach in Switzerland. ”

3. Optimization of workspaces

Meeting rooms that remain empty or unused offices: the French start-up Jooxter wants to unravel these problems through a suggestion that mixes web platform and connected objects. A service which also wants to be useful in preparing a reorganization of the premises which is well accepted by employees.

Caroline Coquerel: “Optimizing the utilization of spaces and improving the profitability of surfaces are topical subjects. Such a project will thus find a really rapidly evolving market in Switzerland. The challenges relate especially to aspects like the company culture, the modification of working methods, the rearrangement of spaces requiring investment and depreciation capacity or maybe the safety of access to the premises of huge companies. ”

4. Mobile urban vegetable garden

Making the culture of a vegetable garden accessible to everyone is the ambition of the Italian company Orto Urbano, which specializes in mobile urban gardens. Imagined from the recycling of pallets initially intended for maritime transport, these kits consist of a bin in spare parts whose assembly is particularly easy. It can be found on balconies, terraces or even in offices. Equipped with casters, the bin can easily be moved to adjust its exposure to the sun or rain. It is possible to plant flowers, aromatic herbs or vegetables.

David Davinroy: “The Orto Urbano concept is accompanied by an attractive educational dimension. But it should not be overlooked that the Swiss climate makes cultivation delicate. In our region, the exposure of balconies is not ideal for planting. Getting to grow a vegetable garden in these conditions takes a lot of work. If the object seems attractive at first, its long-term success seems to me to be compromised. ”

5. Rent a goat to clear the bush

With goats, the pollution of brushcutters is over! © istockphoto
No more pollution from brushcutters! For ecological maintenance of areas overgrown with vegetation, the Californian company Rent A Goat offers goats for rent. Greedy, the goats graze on the most stubborn herbs. Resistant, they replace herbicides and eradicate pests and invasives. From a sustainable and ecological perspective, they also fertilize the soil with their excrement. For a softer mowing, the sheep version for rent adapts to gardens and green spaces. In Paris, on certain public lawns and the edges of the ring road, sheep are already used as clippers.

Eric Plan: “This green concept can be developed at a cantonal or municipal level for example. In a city, goats can replace road workers and take care of clearing roadsides for example. In private homes, it seems difficult to let a herd of goats roam in a garden, unless it is overgrown. These animals do not distinguish the plantations and would ransack them. ”

6. Customizable treats

The English start-up Boomf specializes in the design of candies on which it is possible to have an image or text printed. Launched in 2013, the company has also become known for the original and customizable cards it produces. When these cards open, confetti or a cardboard cube springs from the envelope, guaranteeing a surprising and playful effect.

David Davinroy: “It seems to me that this product really has potential. Swiss consumers like to have some control over what they are going to offer. It is an easy purchase because its price is really reasonable. The cards offered by the brand are festive and the excitement of the surprise they cause is, I think, a guarantee of success. In addition, the target audience is particularly large, which is also very promising. ”

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