How to earn 100 euros per day when you are a perfect beginner with affiliation?

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can online make money by affiliate program amazon. There are many other ways which we have discussed on our blog. You can also read them if you really interested in learning. You may go to the homepage of the site.
I could also have chosen the title: “Earn 100 euros per day with this simple technique” or how to earn your first income with affiliation.
You have come across such a title a thousand times, I know it. Only, you will see, it is concrete with this article.
If you are broke and you really have no money, you will like it.
Rest assured, to earn these 100 euros per day, it's accessible. I mean, even if you don't have a product to sell or money to spend on Facebook advertising.
earn 100 euros per day when you are a perfect beginner with affiliation
earn 100 euros per day when you are a perfect beginner with affiliation

Does that sound too good to be true?
Well, you will see, that it is really possible and that at the end of this article, you will know how to do it, concretely.That said, of course, this is not a miracle recipe. It will be necessary to apply this method and especially not to expect to have resulted in 1 hour.
It can take a day, a week like 1 month, like 6 months.
I still prefer to warn you in case you thought that money was indeed going to fall from the sky.
Already I must tell you that you do not need anything special to get started in this method.
Here, for the small clarifications and now, we can attack.

A simple method with affiliation.

Yes, if I tell you about a method to earn 100 euros a day, without selling a product, it could only be affiliation, eh.
In fact, it is still one of the best businesses than affiliation. And, in this precise method, you will see that it is super simple.
In fact, if you don't know the affiliation yet, imagine the sponsorship system. You've all come across sites where you can refer / refer a friend, earn some money, or get a discount, right?
Well, it's the same with affiliation but only better! Why better? Well, it varies by product, but you get a commission on the products that people buy through your links.
Do you know that this is one of the preferred methods for bloggers elsewhere to monetize their blogs? Of course, it is much more profitable than advertising.
For example, in the screenshot below, I show you a site with which I work in affiliation. I got 259 affiliates after 6 months and every day I earn bitcoins without doing anything.
How it is possible?
I just wrote an article about this site that allows you to earn bitcoins for free. I have some traffic on this article and each day I have one or two people on average who sign up.
At the beginning, I made commission sales once every two weeks… The start was not easy and I wrote in a vacuum!
But as my traffic has grown ... my income has grown ...
I actually have several sites like this but I know that a lot of people who read me don't have a blog and don't want a blog.
However, I want to show you that it is also possible without a blog!
I don't want to demotivate you, on the contrary, I want to show you how accessible it is.
I'm going to show you a video that I created quickly (I filmed my screen for 10 minutes) and this video brought me more than the article I wrote.
So really, the blog is not mandatory when talking about affiliate.

For example, you see that I only have 398 views but yet, this simple video made me earn about 200 euros, in 4 months.
Add that up with 6 other videos and you have the math, right?
So it's not much, but it only took me a few minutes to do it. I even made videos without showing my face and they brought me more than this video.
What I want to tell you is that you don't need to do tons of views to make money with affiliate.

A method that does not require money at the base.

Of course, it is not for nothing that many people speak of it in praise.
This is mainly because affiliation requires no initial investment. And, the only criticism that can be made of it is that it takes time. Quite simply.
Basically, we work hard only once and generate money afterwards, without making any other effort.
This is what real passive income looks like  . I did something once and now I'm going to pay for the rest of my life.
In addition, know that I only affiliate with the products that I love and that I use myself. I NEVER NEVER affiliate with products that I dislike or dislike. It is a basic rule that it is very important to follow in affiliation.
Now, whenever I like a site a lot, from books to software, I write a blog article about it and I will now have the opportunity to earn money forever from a single article.
Yes, yes, it is true that even when writing it, it seems crazy.
More more!
Create a blog to gain affiliation , it's true that it's beautiful but it takes a lot of time! I'm not going to lie to you on that side.
But, the world is well done and there are shortcuts!
 I'm going to show you here how to save time precisely.

How do you start when you know nothing about it and you have nothing (no site, no blog, nothing at all?)

How to get started with affiliate marketing? That's what you're saying to yourself right now, isn't it?
Step 1: Find a product
The first step in affiliate marketing is to find out what products you are already using and whether they have an affiliate program.
Chances are they will.
I mean, certainly, without knowing it, you are recommending products to your friends or family.
Whether it's a supermarket product, a hairdresser, an online product or even your thermomix. You often do it without knowing it.
But, now you have to try to find a product that you really love and that also has an affiliate program.
It can be anything and everything. And, if you really can't find anything at all, you can go through Amazon for example.
Look for a product that you may have already ordered or that you like. It can also be a book for that matter.
2nd step: Select your product

For example, I chose this coffee maker in my case.
(I just made a small clarification because in general, I do not use too much the affiliation with Amazon because it earns little, especially at the beginning. I do not recommend it to people who really want to earn a lot of money with the affiliation and quickly. But, if you have no other product, this can be a great springboard.)

And, here is a technique to quickly earn money with affiliation:
  1. Choose from the products, a product that you really like and that you may have purchased. Otherwise, think of a product that you can buy. A useful and functional product for which you will have no trouble promoting it.

  2. Check that this product has a few pages on the internet; Notice pages and comments. You have to choose a product that really interests people.

  3. Once you've found the product, sign up for Amazon's affiliate program here . Once registered, you will have the option of having your affiliate link under the product.

3. Once you receive your product, you can now make a short video, without necessarily showing your face.
You just need to make a short video where you can see your hands unpacking the product, opening it and using it.
Your personal opinions are also very useful and that's what you should say in your video.
5. You should call the video with a title like “My opinion on X product”. And don't forget to add tags corresponding to your product.
6. You must now put your video on Youtube. You can do it on your personal account or simply create another dedicated to your opinions and your products.
7. When people go online and type "coffee machine reviews x", well, after a while your video will come out.
8. Whenever a person goes to buy this coffee maker, then you will earn a commission on your sales.
9. Your video will be viewed dozens and hundreds of times. You will no longer have to worry about this to collect the money.
10. Repeat with other products and videos. You will earn more and better.
Repeat and repeat again with several products until your first day of 100 euros per day.

Conclusion on how to earn money quickly with Amazon when you start:

You saw that there in this article I gave you the basic steps to start making money with Amazon in the simplest way in the world.
In fact, that's how I would do it if I had to start all over again.
Indeed, this requires no investment (apart from the purchase of the product), and very little time in the end.
And, this can be a good way to verify that it's a method you like. By making one or two videos, you will even find your way in some ways.
You will know what type of product interests you the most etc. The first video will only be a test for you.
Of course, the commissions will be very small at first. And 100 euros a day will certainly not happen overnight as I told you in the introduction. But with time and patience, you will see that you will succeed.
Many of us have succeeded and yet we have nothing special.
No matter how broke you are, anyone can do it. Anybody!
And, if you want to go further and make it a real job, you may need to create a blog and consider doing it big.
But by then, sign up for Amazon now if you want to make money with affiliate quickly.

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