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In this article, We shall tell you how you can make money online with Facebook. We always share the real ways of online earning. On the internet, you can earn money in a thousand ways, you just have to take a look at the blog to be convinced. If you should always be wary of scams of all kinds and sites that do not pay, other solutions are much more interesting and you will see that Facebook is one of them.
make money online with Facebook
make money online with Facebook 

Facebook is a real gold mine!

Do you think I'm exaggerating when I say that? Think again! With millions of people connected in France and billions around the world every day, Facebook can pay big if you know how to do itYou go that it is possible to generate income in several different ways and do not worry because it is quite easy.

The 10 solutions to make money with Facebook:

1. Create pages:

Creating a page may be very simple for you, but for other Internet users it is more complicated and sometimes they need help. It is true that in 5 minutes flat, one can have created, illustrated and described his page. So how do you find people who need a helping hand to create their page? You simply need to register on the most famous jobbing sites like and 5euros.comOnce registered on these sites, you will only have to offer your services and wait for customers.

2. Community Management:

Don't be scared when you see this term. Community management is a profession that involves animating internet communities in general but especially on social networks. Animating a community is not very complicated. You will have to offer content to your fans, ask their opinion, respond to their comments. To sum up, the community manager is in close contact with his community. There are free pieces of training on the net if you want to get started. You will see that it is really not complicated. Again, you can offer your services on jobbing sites where you will see that there is no shortage of requests provided you are competent.

3. Sell a product:

Selling a product to fans can be another source of incomeFor example, on the Facebook page, I can sell Ebooks where I present solutions to make money. If you like the page, chances are you will be interested in the products offered. If your Facebook page has a decoration theme, consider selling various objects in this theme to your fans. Your fans will trust you and you will see your sales take off. Of course, the products you offer must be related to the theme of your page. Don't sell fishing tackle on a fashion page. I'm exaggerating a bit but it's already been seen.

3 bis: Sell your second-hand objects:

It did not escape you: it is simple to publish advertisements to sell second-hand objects on this social networkEven if you post ads on Leboncoin, nothing prevents you from doing the same on Facebook to increase your chances of finding a buyerI believe that in the months or years to come, Facebook will have become the # 1 classified ad site!

4. Make the affiliation:

If you frequently go to the Facebook page of the blog, you have already seen that sometimes there are links to profitable sites or paid survey sites among others. Recently, I posted publications to the remunerative site Loonea and to its counterpart, MolinoEach time you click on the link and register, I get a small commission. This is called affiliationYou are free to do the same. I advise you to create several and why not dozens of pages that you will animate to make the affiliation. You will see that it is effective.

5. Sell a page:

Everything can be monetized and even a Facebook pageImagine that for such or such reason, you want to sell your page, you will have no difficulty in finding a purchaser provided that this one is interesting and that it has a consequent number of fans. It is not uncommon to see bloggers but more often still big brands who buy Facebook pages. For pages with thousands of fans, prices can soar.

6. Sell fans:

This is incorrect, I should rather say: " Suggest to my fans to like other pages ". Bloggers or brands can ask their fans to like the page of a competitor who will pay them accordingly. It is as if I was advertising for the Facebook pages of or even for and that the respective webmasters paid me in return. Be aware that this practice is very common.

7. Sell comments and likes:

To improve the awareness of another page, you can ask your fans to comment and like the publications of these pages in questionI recognize that this practice is misleading. In addition, forcing your fans to do something may damage your image since they will feel like they are being cheated. This practice is also very widespread but to be used with some caution.

8. Give a boost to another blogger:

On's Facebook page, you are already close to 10,000 fans. I can show you other similar sites to help bloggers who are just starting out. To talk about them on my page, I can ask them to pay me. The more notoriety my page has, the more money I can hope for. As far as I'm concerned, I do this for free and the sites that I find useful are published. Take a look here, you will understand: pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, a “sponsored” publication can generate several thousand euros.

9. Advertise for a big brand:

Are you an influential blogger? Do you have very high traffic and a strong community? You will be approached by brands to promote products through your publicationsThe most popular bloggers and pages can generate several hundred or even thousands of euros just for a publication. Do you realize? I think this will not be your case immediately but be aware that it can happen to you.

10. Send traffic to your blog:

Often on the blog page, I inform you that I have published new articles. And each time, I put the link to you. Logical isn't it? In fact, I use social networks to generate more traffic on my blog and since there are more people, I earn more moneyNo need to give you a demonstration because I think you understand that if your traffic increases, your income will go in the same direction. Be careful, because it is not enough to have a million fans to have traffic. No, just like Google, Facebook is based on an algorithm called EdgeRank which judges the relevance of your page and publications. If these are considered interesting, they will appear on the wall of your fans. It takes a lot of work, commitment and time to be recognized by Facebook as a trusted page. I advise you to read a very well done article from to know everything about EdgeRank.
Here you are, you know almost everything about the best solutions to earn money thanks to this famous social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg. If you have other ideas, don't hesitate to tell me by posting a comment.

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