How to Make Money with YouTube Channel - Real Earning Methods

How you can make money with YouTube channel I will tell you all the great of making money on my blog and after reading my articles you will able to find all the real ways of online earnings from the internet. You can make money from your YouTube channel but you know that nowadays competition is high on YouTube, you cannot easily rank your video on YouTube so I will tell you from start to end and tell you the matter how you can optimize your YouTube channel for better ranking your channel will rank after the implementation of my methods on your YouTube channel.

How to make money online with Youtube
How to make money online with Youtube

How to Create a Youtube Channel and make Money

If you have a YouTube channel then you can earn money online in different ways with the help of your YouTube channel. you can use your channel traffic to your website, on your Instagram, etc. you can also sell your products on your YouTube channel and you can also advertise other private company ads on your YouTube video. the people pay you for advertising their ads on YouTube videos.

I'm going to tell you completely setup by setup to create a YouTube channel.

  •  First of all, you need to create a Gmail account. After creating a Gmail account you can visit and click on the sign-in button.
  • You have to sign in with your Gmail account log in with your Gmail account. Now go to setting Add click on the create button 
  • Write your YouTube channel name I suggest you write a very unique and branding name don't copy any channel name.
  • After typing your name click on the create button no you have successfully created your YouTube channel 

After the creation of your YouTube channel you have to upload videos but before uploading your video read YouTube terms and conditions so in future you will not face any problem. and use your perfect takes and description and your YouTube video so it will rainfast and help people to find your video after publishing your video. Never forget to share it on different platforms like Facebook and Pinterest Reddit. I shall also tell you completely to optimize your YouTube video for better ranking in the next article. Our main subject is how you can make money from YouTube channels so please read this complete article to understand all ins and out of YouTube Earning. 

How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel with Google Adsense

Everyone asks how we can monetize our YouTube channel with Google AdSense. You can make money through Google AdSense. If you have a YouTube channel you can monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense but you have to complete all the requirements before you apply for Google AdSense. first of all, you need to complete your 1000 subscriber and four-horse white I'm on your video on your YouTube channels after the completing target you can go and monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense in approval it will take 24 hours to 7 days. when your YouTube channel is monetized you will earn money through your Google AdSense account. Each user Clicks on your YouTube video ads to watch your video and you will get money for it. but there are many questions that people ask how famous we can withdraw from Google AdSense then if you have a Pakistan or USA account then you can take out your parents if it reaches $100 but if you are using the UK account then you will get 60 pounds. 

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