Stories - a story is a good or bad experience faced by a man. A story can be good or bad. After facing or getting to know, what you write about it is the story. Some people write stories as fancy which are their mind creation.

There are many kinds of stories that are available on our blog. But before going into detail, we should know what types of stories are?

There are many new and past stories. Some stories are based on truth and some are only fancy. Stories books are being purchased every year for passing your free time. It is a good habit of reading books. A book is a good friend of yours in your free time. You can spend many hours and days by reading stories. You will not feel anything bad or boing. They will transfer your mind into their world. And you will feel like a real during this time.

What is the story?
A past event or experience is called a story. It can be on paper or book and in someone's mind.

Types of Stories

There are many categories of the stories which are mentioned below the top 100 categories.

Online money success
Business success
Kids - Children
School or college Life

What is a Horror or scary or ghosting story? 

A story that creates terrifying feelings in your mind is called horror / scary stories. Mostly these types of tales are very popular among the young and children. The kids love to read ghosting tales. They love to buy new scary books from the online market. Some children read online on the internet because there are many platforms where you can read online scary stories. But we bring the best ebooks on our website for you. Each year brings a new cheapest offer for you. Now one offer is also running for you.

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What is a hot romantic love story?

A story that has romantic and hot love text in it is called Love or romantic stories. All young and old people love to read these types of books. These books also help you in your real love scene. So by reading these kinds of books, you can become more effective upon your love partner.